Made in Corby is Corby’s Arts Council Creative People and Places programme. It aims to ensure that more local people than ever before are seeing, experiencing, creating and taking part in high quality arts and cultural activities – Made in Corby.

Our Vision
Within ten years Corby will be recognised as a making place for great art: a creative and cultural hub with diverse communities celebrating and engaging in great arts experiences that are made by, with and for them.

Our art, and the processes that make it, will be distributed nationally and internationally and will be at the centre of Corby’s new identity and reputation. Corby will be a community that is confident, connected and hugely ambitious. Imagination, inspiration and involvement will be the heart of the Made in Corby programme and of a healthy, prosperous town. Corby will be a place of creativity, resilience, resurgence, opportunity and excellence. Ambition lives here.

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