Made At Home: online artist-led activities

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Made At Home: online activities

Welcome to our Made At Home, a series of videos that were made to give our communities new and exciting creative activities to do during lockdown.

As part of our efforts to keep Corby and Wellingborough creative during the Spring 2020 lockdown, we commissioned 6 artists to create short, fun activities for all ages including a dance session to keep older people active, photography challenges, poetry for all ages and crafts to keep families working together for hours. We aimed to create moments of togetherness, with households in both Corby and Wellingborough being creative, trying something new and sharing their work.

The series took place between 27th April and 8th June 2020, with participants encouraged to share their creations with us on our #MadeAtHome posts on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Crafts with Carole Miles

Make your own Story Cubes with Carole Miles, so you can make up new wild stories together as a family!

Either download and print the story box template, or watch both videos below for guidance. Carole has also provided some suggestions for pictures to decorate your cube  here, here and here.

You can also make and decorate a cheerful basket bowl from cardboard or your very own Art Gallery, to store all of your new creations! 

Film-making with Paul Stringer

Filmmaker Paul Stringer has set everyone a photo scavenger hunt that can be done in your home, in your garden or on a walk! Download the clue sheet to find out about the things you need to collect and the different types of shots you can take. Or create a simple makeshift phone stand to make viewing or recording easier – you can then decorate and embellish it however you like! Paul also shows us how to set up a scene and get a variety of shots to help tell a story. 

Get moving with Tina Heeley

Dance artist Tina Heeley is getting us all moving with seated dance that anyone can take part in! Tina has been a regular fixture in our Time To programme, which saw her delivering dance sessions to many over 65s in local care homes and community centres.

Early years with Liz Clark

Liz Clark is gives us some ideas for dancing and moving in our homes with blankets, clothes and wooly jumpers! Artist Liz is another familiar face, having delivered some wonderful family activities such as Sponge Play Day in local children’s centres. 

Found Poetry with Ryan Leder

In this #MadeAtHome activity Ryan Leder takes us on a 6 part journey to writing our own poetry.

Creative Papers with Linzi Bright

Artist Linzi Bright shows us how to make creative papers with items found around the home as well as how to turn our creative papers into mini-books which can used as a photo album, journal, diary or anything else you can think of. 

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