You can tell us anything you want about arts & culture! Such as…

  • What is your favourite music, art, dance, film or show and why?
  • What creative activities do you love to do?
  • How does being creative make you feel?
  • What would make it easier to get involved?
  • If you could invite any artist to Corby, who would it be?
  • Or anything else that you can think of!


Community Conversations

Made In Corby is a programme shaped by the people of Corby! Community Conversations are a great way for us to hear your ideas and find out what you want to see or do in Corby!

Invite us to your community group or workplace for a chat about Corby culture over a cuppa, pick up your free Made In Corby goody bag which includes our latest events brochure. Share your opinions with us online on Facebook or Twitter and add the #JoinTheConversation hashtag!

Made In Corby extends a welcome to the people of the Corby Borough including Cottingham, East Carlton, Great Oakley, Gretton, Little Stanion Middleton, Rockingham, Stanion and Weldon.


If you would like to #JoinTheConversation with us in person, give us a call on 01536 267895 to invite us to your group for a chat over a cuppa!

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