Private: Paid Apprentice Performer Opportunity with Stan’s Cafe

Paid Apprentice Performer Opportunity with Stan’s Cafe

Of All The People In All The World

For this beautifully simple performance Stan’s Cafe are bringing 989kg of rice to Corby, a grain for everyone in the country. Over the course of three days, a vast array of human statistics will be carefully weighed out in rice and arranged beside each other in labelled piles.

By doing no more than making abstract statistics tangible and placing them in careful relation to each other, Stan’s Cafe create a powerful work of art. It is politically engaged, subtly witty, diverting, shocking, humane and ultimately, deeply moving.

Stan’s Cafe is a theatre company based in Birmingham whose witty and provocative work has been cropping up in unusual settings since 1991.

For the GROW Festival the statistics exhibited will include many based upon people and their relationship to food.

The GROW Festival has an opportunity for two apprentice performer assistants to work with Stan’s Café from the get-in on Wednesday 24th July and through the three exhibition days open to the public and assist with the get-out on the Saturday when the pop-up shop closes.

Stan’s Cafe requirements

Apprentices to assist with the get-in, perform with the company and interact with visitors to the installation. Importantly they should be prepared to join us in lifting the large rice sacks and therefore physically fit. They should be personable with good people skills; have some local knowledge and an interest in current affairs; and they should be keen to collaborate and be involved in the show.

They will be in costume and will be part of the performance. The clothing size of the performers will need to be supplied. Please include whether the individual is male or female, their chest size and shoe size. We ask that volunteers wear white shirt and black trousers for performance, we will supply dustcoat and if possible shoes (if we are unable to supply shoes, we ask volunteers to wear black shoes).

Hours and location

Wednesday 24th July 11.30 – 4.30pm

Thursday 25th July 10.30 – 6.15pm

Friday 26th July 10.30 – 5.15pm

Saturday 27th July 10.30 – 7.00pm

In the former Body Shop Unit, Willow Place, Corby

Total hours 28 hours including breaks.

Apprentice Fee

An inclusive fee of £250

For more information and to state your interest and why it would be a good opportunity for you please contact Lucinda Hill by 5pm on Monday 22nd July.

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