Processions in London with Made In Corby

After 8 weeks of sewing and creating our banner, we headed to the capital for a very exciting day of parading through the busy streets of London for PROCESSIONS – it is estimated that around 30,000 people were in attendance in London on Sunday.

Over 100,000 women all over the UK took part in this project which included 100 arts organisations who created featured banners for the procession. We held an 8-week series of workshops with artists The Eloquent Fold for local women to come and try their hand at creating a textile banner – the traditional method of banner-making.
We featured the motto of the Suffragette Movement on our banner which is also the motto of the Corby Council Coat of Arms, dubbed in 1959. The phrase “women together will change the world” was one that the group came up with after careful thought and consideration which was emblazoned amongst a sea of violets which were also created by the lovely ladies who attended our workshops.

The BBC covered the events in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast and we managed to get a shot of our banner on TV! Watch the programme here on BBC iPlayer – the Made In Corby banner is featured at 1:29.

Beth Miller’s video review of the day:

Thank you to all of those who came with us to London to experience and be a part of history with Artichoke and 14-18 NOW. Also, thank you to the Corby Votes & Voices group who sung some original Suffragette songs both on the coach and on the march.

Project Update

Made In Corby PROCESSIONS banner starts national tour

PROCESSIONS is commissioned by 14-18 NOW and produced by Artichoke. With support from the National Lottery through Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund, and from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

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