About Made in Corby

Made in Corby is an exciting and ambitious three year programme that recognises and draws inspiration from the identity and reputation of Corby. Made in Corby’s aim is to inspire more local Corby people than ever before to take the lead in experiencing, creating and taking part in high quality arts and cultural activities.

All decisions will be made through real and genuine partnership between Corby’s communities, artists, and arts and voluntary organisations. We are ambitious, bringing the best local, national and international artists to make work with, for and in Corby’s communities. We will invest in Corby, its people and its skills – making Corby, and all its communities, stronger, more creative and more confident.

Made in Corby is part of a national Creative People & Places network, funded by Arts Council England to increase engagement in the arts in areas where people have fewer opportunities to get involved.

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